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Precious Wines and Local Delights: A Unique Piedmont Experience

We introduce our welcome aperitif:

Charcuterie and Cheese Platter: An authentic culinary experience featuring a selection of exquisite local cold cuts and cheeses, curated with love and attention to ensure the true flavors of Piedmont.

Selection of Wines from Cantina Spinetta: Complement your platter with one of the following wines from the renowned Cantina Spinetta:

Barbera d’Asti CDP / 52 euro
Langhe Nebbiolo /54 euro
Barbaresco Bordini / 75 euro
Barolo Garretti / 82 euro

These high-quality wines pair perfectly with the intense flavors of the charcuterie and cheese, providing an unforgettable enogastronomic experience.

The cost of this tasting is for two people and includes a platter of cold cuts and cheeses, as well as a bottle of your favorite wine. We hope that this aperitif will warmly welcome you to the rich food and wine tradition of Piedmont in an unforgettable way.

Thank you for being here with us, and enjoy this unique experience!

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